"Picture This - It's Your Retirement,
Plan Well And Be Able To Retire Earlier,
Retire Richer, and Live a Fulfilling Retirement"


  • In Your Retirement here's one of the best things you can do.  And it costs a lot less than you think

  • What every wannabee retiree should compile (and be the envy of all your friends)

  • In this modern life, every average Joe retiree should go SKIing.  Hint:  this is nothing to do with that white stuff

  • Everything (almost) that our Grandmothers taught us is coming to fruition.  Why didn't we listen?

Warren Buffett says:

" We never look back. We just figure there is so much to look forward to
that there is no sense thinking of what we might have done. 
It just doesn't make any difference. You can only live life forward"

"Money Isn't Everything"

This is YOUR Retirement.

So let's kick off this webpage with a little bit of fun.

It's true.  Money isn't everything ...

... but it keeps the kids in touch ;)

Back to that paper stuff. This is what we all work hard for. None of us know how long we're going to live.  But there's one commodity we all need in retirement - money, and plenty of it.

We all want to be able to retire healthy and with enough money saved to be able to enjoy life - to the full (so, read on).

Your Retirement should be uppermost in your mind from an early age. 

We didn't start seriously saving until we were in our late 40s (you would hardly call it a sheltered life). If you're younger than that - what are you waiting for?  START NOW!

And if you are older than that. START YESTERDAY!

Statistics only prove that we are all living longer (correction:  most of us)

We hate to write this next bit, but some of you won't make it - either through illness or accident. It's a sad fact and we speak from experience. 

[B.T.W.  if you're brave enough, take a look at YOUR life expectancy on Death Clock]

But, thankfully, the majority of us will make it, and you'd be incredibly stupid not to provide for this.

Trust us, because we're happy, healthy, comfortably-off (but not mega-wealthy) and enjoying every minute of our "retirement".

"Look After Number One"

But your retirement should not be just about how much moolah you have to “survive” on.

Your Retirement should be about, before you even think about money - YOU!

Financial institutions, financial press, and financial anythings, have always programmed us to focus on financial goals for our retirement. And that this is the be all and end all.

That's nonsense!.

Stock brokers, bank officials, retirement planners have overwhelmed us with “advice.”

You could spend 40 years building a nest egg – but no time at all thinking about how to enjoy your retirement.

We reckon it’s a big mistake to concentrate solely on the financial aspects of retirement. 

We think, with a few exceptions, that people who want to offer us “advice,” especially of the financial variety, are largely rubbing their hands thinking: "what’s in it for me".

We don't suffer fools gladly.  Never have.  And you should be the same.

You may think we're cynical, well, maybe we are, but …

We can think of a lot of things more important than money.  Let’s start with your health. And again, we speak from experience … we've probably all had, or know someone who's had a bad experience.

S’not funny.  Without your health you are cream-crackered. It doesn’t matter what your age is now – you could be in your twenties, thirties, or older – you should have uppermost in your mind, your own well-being.

We were at a 50th. birthday “do” recently and, not surprisingly, we were probably the oldest attendees.  But, we could have given some of them young whipper-snappers a run for their money.

It seemed that all they wanted to do was get as much wallop down their neck as was possible in the time available.  They looked like they wanted to drink themselves into oblivion. We would not have wanted their headaches the next day. Not to mention what it’s done for their insides.

Moderation in everything.  That’s what our Grannies used to say to us.  And we didn’t take much notice then either.  Except, she was right.  She usually always was.

It now all seems so obvious.  You gotta take care of yourself.  Let’s face it – no one else will.  We keep reading that we’re all living longer.  Statistics prove this to be the case – but some of these young ‘uns, don’t seem to have read the script.



Government poised to raise
retirement age again

So, whatever your age, live a healthy life.  Eat well, work hard, exercise daily.  Do that and, chances are, you will be part of the “living longer” statistics. 

Make a point of walking every day.  It might not seem much, but it’s better than doing nothing.  Get one of those Fit-Bit thingys and attach it to your wrist.  Set targets for each day and try to achieve them. 

Go the gym and maybe take up swimming, and bike riding. Most folk could do that.  Just takes a little effort.

And keep an eye on your weight.  It’s never too late. “They” reckon it’s good for your sex life too.

Back to health.  It’s so important.  Why work all your life only to get to your retirement and not enjoy it because of ill health. 

More statistics – 1 in 8 people in the Western World are now aged 65 or over.  And more and more people are retiring before they reach that age.

Today’s retirees do have better health (as much to do with better health services and living standards than individual care we reckon) and better education than their fore-fathers.

It would be remiss of us not to mention the most important people in your life.  The people that you love.

After your health, you should ensure that your family are living a good life.  If you have children, or grandchildren, or even great grandchildren, depending on your circumstances, you may want to give them a leg up.

Depending on how many offspring you have will probably determine what you can practically accomplish for them.  But it would be nice to leave a legacy.

Paying for the grandkids education for example.  Or, taking out a junior ISA for them.

Or just treating them every now and then. Without spoiling them of course.

So, after you’ve taken care of your health (as best you can) and looked after family, it’s time to focus on what your retirement is really all about. 


Freedom to do what you want, when you want.  And in some cases, with who you want.

For some folk, retirement turns out to be a disappointment.  For most of us, it’s an opportunity.  Better still - it's an adventure. Make sure it is for you.

This section of the website offers retirement suggestions you won’t get from any financial advisor.

As we've already mentioned, there’s more than money that should contribute to your retirement. 

         Retirement is a great time to be the person you always wanted to be. 

Now we're “retired,”  We're as free as birds.  And we're not going to spoil it all by loafing around watching the goggle box or lying longer in bed (we’ll leave that for tall girls).

We're not going to end up depressed.  We want, and intend to be, contented, and happy.  Very happy.

We read quite a lot about people who experience a rapid decline in physical and mental health soon after retirement.  Common sense tells us a lot of that’s down to sheer idleness.

Snap out of it!

To be really happy, you must be active.  We know, easier said than done, but it’s true.  Set yourself some goals ... and dream a little. 

Anything’s possible.

Motivate yourself.

Retirement can be, and should be, the best time of your life (well, second to your school days as "they" say).

If you have put in many years with the same company you may have received your “gold watch” and, probably a generous company pension.  Which, when combined with your measly government pension and any investments you may have, will allow you to enjoy any activity that you want. 

Chances are though – the above paragraph does not describe you.  If it does – you have our admiration.  You’ve probably got it made. You’re a sensible person. But most of us may not have that cushion.

But all of us – when we retire – we all have one thing in common.  Free time. What will you do with all that free time?

After the novelty wears off, which it will, you may find yourself with nothing to do. 

But … “the world is your lobster!”

"Enjoy Your Retirement - Activate Pension Drawdown"

This section of the web page will concentrate on aspects of your retirement that may or may not require an investment of money.

Is it time for you to take an income from your Pension?

If you've been saving for any length of time and the time feels right, then give yourself either a steady income, as regular as you want (monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, annually or wads of cash anytime you need it).  That's the beauty of drawdown.  It's so flexible. 

Want money this month - then request a Drawdown.

Don't need any money for a few months - then don't request a drawdown.

Simple isn't it? 

We draw money from our pensions when we want.  Some months we don't need so much.  Other months we may be cruising the Caribbean or touring around Australia.  Done a lot of both.  Love it.  But it all costs money.

Which brings us nicely on to ...

... our Bucket List.

You can start your Bucket List at any age – the earlier the better.

Our Bucket List involves a lot of travelling (which will cost money), but it also contains a lot of activities that cost little or no money.

Here’s a snippet from our Bucket List (it's a LOT bigger than what's below):

• Walk minimum 3 mile daily (that's walking as in "power walking" not strolling)

• Start cycling
• Join a Gym (maybe)
• Join a Swimming Club (also maybe)
• Join a Bridge Club (or snooker, or night class, or tiddly-winks)
• Set up a part-time business from home
• Visit the Castles and Stately Homes of the UK
• Visit Russia – Moscow, St. Petersburg
• Visit China – Beijing, The Great Wall, Terracotta Warriors, Hong Kong
• Visit Australia – the Great Barrier Reef, Sydney, Melbourne, the "outback"
• New Zealand
• Singapore
• Rome
• Venice
• Vienna
• Bangkok
• River Cruises
• Cruise the Caribbean
• Hawaii
• Fiji
• India
• Vietnam/Cambodia
• Japan
• South Korea
• Visit ALL the American States
• Sri Lanka
• Bali

And much, much more!  We’ll not rest until we have fulfilled our lofty ambitions.

We've already achieved most of the above.  We can tell you, it's a wonderful world we live in.  Why is there so much poverty and aggro? No need for it at all.


Activate drawdown from your DIY Pension as and when you need it.  But the real beauty of activating drawdown is that you get to take 25% of your pension - TAX FREE!

Take it while you are still young enough to enjoy it.  Have yourself the holiday of a lifetime.  You've definitely earned it!

As for the rest of your retirement, stay healthy and enjoy life. 

Remember, after your health, family is the most important thing.

We’ll leave you to make a start on your Bucket List.  We're off SKIing.

No, that’s not trying to break a leg on that white stuff, we are literally going to Spend the Kids Inheritance.

Enjoy Your Retirement!

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