"Your 30 Minute Retirement Plan
 Needs To Cover Your Journey From
Where You Are Now (Point 'A') To
Where You Want To Be
(Point 'B')"


You need to complete your 30 Minute Retirement Plan.

Decide when you want to retire and how much moolah you think you will require.

If you are young, say in your twenties, these questions may not seem relevant to you.  But you can take it from us - they are very relevant and must not be forgotten.

Parameters change.  Circumstances change.  The state of your health may change.  But ...

... one thing will never change and that is that life goes on.  "Time and tide wait for no one."

The younger you are the chances are that you don't want to be hassled with the mundane task of planning for your retirement.

But you'd better believe it - you MUST plan for your retirement.

In an effort to make this easier for you, we have put together what we call "Your 30 Minute Retirement Plan."  We just can't make it any easier for you. 

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Read on ...

Warren Buffett says:

"Managing your career is like investing - the degree of difficulty does not count.
So you can save yourself money and pain by getting on the right train"

The 6 Steps of Your Journey
To a Comfortable Retirement

Your 30 Minute Retirement Plan can be summarised in just 6 steps:

Step #1:  Set up a Self Invested Personal Pension (SIPP).

Step #2:  Religiously save into your SIPP as much as you can afford each month.  A recommended figure would be 10-15% of your net income.  Easier said than done.  We know that only too well.  But make sacrifices elsewhere to make the savings.  You'll be glad that you did.

Take for example a man in his twenties, let's say 29 years old (can't leave it any longer than that or he'll be in his thirties).

Use our Simple Retirement Calculator to ascertain your projected fund value.

He thinks he will work until he is 65 years old.  [Actually 35 or 36 years of saving should provide him with a fantastic pot of money]

Then read our article: How To Save For Retirement

Step #3:  Study the pages, in detail, of this website and invest the savings made in Step #2 above into: 'Value Investing', 'Growth Investing' and 'Momentum Investing' company shares (or ETFs) and think long term.

Furthermore, read as much or as little as you can find time for.

Model Warren Buffett, just as we have.  Follow our 'Philosophy of Investing' and understand that investing for your retirement is common sense, but above all, a LONG TERM commitment. 

Do not speculate with money in your SIPP.  The principle is to get rich long. Get rich quick rarely works.  Once or twice maybe, but always - no. Don't do it.

Step #4:  Monitor your investments daily. At worst - weekly.  Remember - you will only be monitoring about a dozen stocks or less.  In the words of our hero, Warren Buffett: "you should only be interested in 20-30 stocks throughout your lifetime".

Step #5:  At your chosen retirement age, decide which retirement benefit option you wish to take, as described in SIPPs, and activate it. 

In our hypothetical example, our male investor chose to retire at 65. But with a SIPP you can defer your private pension all the way up to age 75.

Step #6:  Enjoy the fruits of your labour.  Have a happy, and healthy retirement.


It is so important to plan ahead. 

In our example above we have chosen a man aged 29 to start saving through his SIPP. 

Starting with a £5,000 lump sum and saving £100 per month his pension pot at age 65 would have grown to £143,962 at an annual average growth rate of 5%.  Had his average annual growth rate been 8% his pension pot would have grown to £304,363

It's interesting to note that had he started at the age of 25, assuming everything the same, he would have retired with a Pension Pot of £419,490 at an average growth rate of 8%  a whopping £115,127 greater, just for starting four years ealier.

Now, instead of merely saving £100 per month (£80 + £20 from the tax man) here's what could happen if our 29 year-old were to salt away £200 per month gross (i.e. £160 of his own money):

At a growth rate of 5% his pension pot would have grown to: £258,966

And at a growth rate of 8% he would have achieved: £528,886

Truly wonderful figure for such a modest outlay.

Try our Pension Pot Calculator for yourself and you'll be amazed at the possibilities.

N.B.    Do realise, that for a monthly contribution of £100, the tax man contributes £20 of that, so your own contribution is actually only £80.

Let's face it, £80 per month is within most peoples' budget these days.  So try your calculation with a different figure.  Just amazing!

We cannot stress enough the sheer common sense of starting to save for your retirement as early as possible.  Even if it is just a measly sum of money to begin with. 

Take 'Your 30 Minute Retirement Plan' and ...

... transform yourself from Point 'A' to Point 'B'

Just Do It?

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