"The Willis Owen SIPP Appears to Offer Very Competitive Charges"

"First Impressions Suggest That
The Willis Owen SIPP
Should Be Investigated Further"


Willis Owen was founded in 1982 and is currently based in Elstree, North London.

The company prides itself on the people that it employs as being their greatest asset.

And, by their own admission, they hate call centres and leaving people hanging on the phone.  Relying instead, on their own staff to give that personal touch.

We found very little detail on the company but what we did find was that their total number of employees was under 50.  That may have changed since we did our initial research.

On the face of it, Willis Owen have a reasonable range of products at very competitive charges, although we couldn't find who administers these.

"Willis Owen Products"

Willis Owen SIPP is just one of many products offered by the company.

Their full range of products are:

  • Self Invested Pension Plans (SIPPs)
  • Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs)
  • General Investment Accounds (GIAs)
  • Junior ISAs

With any of their products you can trade in a full range of istruments: company shares, investment trusts, exchange traded funds etc.

"Mobile App by Willis Owen"

Because information about the Willis Owen was hard to find it could not be ascertained whether the company offered a mobile app for its products. 

We're now in the 2020s and it's inconceivable that a financial services company offering a range of products does not offer a mobile app.  If they do, it needs to be visible.

"Willis Owen SIPP Charges"

Shares, trusts, Exchange Traded Funds:  £7.50 per trade
dealing done online

Dividend re-investment:  Free

Initiating Drawdown:  £132

Regular income payments:  Free

Uncrystallised funds pension:  Free
lump sum (per payment)

Annuity purchase:  N/A

Transfer out (cash):  Free

Transfer out (stock):  Free

It appears as though a lot of what the Willis Owen SIPP charges is free. 

We have no experience of Willis Owen but these charges look good.  We are of the opinion that, because information is so hard to find about the company, that more detail is required before making a judgement.

As always, do check in detail exactly what you get for free, and what you have to pay for.


Willis Owen is a small company but one that offer big service to its customers. 

They pride themselves in customer service.  Yet offer a decent range of products.

Their charges appear to be extremely competitive but as always, define what you want in a SIPP and contact the company for a detailed breakdown of their fees.

In 2019 Willis Owwen SIPP were awarded with the 'Best Online SIPP Provider' award.

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