"Two classics: 'Truth of The Stock Tape'  and 'Wall Street Stock Selector' -
Provide a Study of Gann's Techniques"

"These Classic Works by William Gann
are as Highly Regarded Today as
They Were When First Published"


'Truth of the Stock Tape' was first published in 1923.  It is fully illustrated with 22 charts showing clearly William Gann's method of trading.

'Wall Street Stock Selector' was first published in 1930 and brings 'Truth of The Stock Tape' up to date.  It covers the 1929 bull market and the cause of the panic that followed. 

The work herein described, is actually two books:  'Truth of the Stock Tape' and 'Wall Street Stock Selector'.   The latter being a natural sequel to the former.

"Truth of The Stock Tape"

'Truth of The Stock Tape' was written by William Gann who had already acquired over 20 years experience in the markets.  It is important to realise that Gann invested in both stocks and commodities and that his methods and techniques worked for both.

Gann explains what we have known for years - too many people pay far too much "stupidity tax."  Roughly translated, that means that far too many people willingly give their money to the markets without first doing any due diligence.

William Gann believes in his theories and the rules that he sets out. 

'Truth of The Stock Tape' is divided into four parts:

  • Book 1 - Preparation for Trading
  • Book 2 - How to Trade
  • Book 3 - How to Determine the Position of Stocks
  • Book 4 - Commodities

Gann is on record as saying that he does not just offer theory which will not work in practice but valuable advice, which, if followed, will ensure success.

"Wall Street Stock Selector"

The main objective of this book is to bring 'Truth of the Stock Tape' up to date. 

William Gann published this work 7 years after 'Truth of the Stock Tape' and during this time Gann promised to give his readers the benefits of seven more years of his experiences.

Gann reckons that in life we must all have a definite aim or hope to attain happiness.  Money will not bring all of it.  The best way that he knows of bringing happiness into someone's life is to show them how to help themselves. 

We won't disagree with that.

Gann states that the greatest good he can do for others is to impart the knowledge and understanding he has learned himself. In this respect, Gann does a wonderful job.

Chapter 2 of the book details William Gann's 24 rules of trading.

However, one man's rules are not necessarily suitable for everyone.  We would argue that you should study several marketing legends and the rules that they abide by.

Then, and only then, compile a list of rules of your own. 

This volume is actually two books in one. 

Truth of the Stock Tape was written, and published,  in 1923. 

By 1929 the American stock market had matured a lot and by the end of the decade came the great crash.

William Gann had a mind to bring 'Truth of the Stock Tape' up to date.  He did this by publishing 'Wall Street Stock Selector'.

Both books are highly regarded by professionals and private investors alike. 

You can purchase this highly sought after volume right here:

Truth of the Stock Tape and Wall Street Stock Selector (Hardcover)


Gann was extremely patient and sometimes only traded 7 or 8 times a year. Perhaps that patient trading accounted for the fact he was right 80-90% of the time.


This dual volume hardback book is a brain dump from one of the most successful stock traders of all time.  It is MUST read and should be on every investors bookshelf.

Who can argue with a man who amassed a fortune and was right 80-90% of the time.

You can purchase the book from Amazon by clicking on the link below:

Truth of the Stock Tape and Wall Street Stock Selector (Hardcover)
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