"The Warren Buffett Way is THE Way
of Saving For Your Retirement"


The Warren Buffett Way by Robert G. Hagstrom

If you want to emulate Warren Buffett, this book is strongly recommended, as are all the books about our hero.

This resource offers value for money given that not only are there 8 jam-packed chapters but an Appendix that tracks the holdings of Berkshire Hathaway from its early beginnings through to 2012.

And, instead of making the book into an encyclopaedia, there is reference to a website where further information can be accessed.

"What's in the Book?"

Eight chapters beginning with the first about the man himself, his company before Berkshire Hathaway (The Buffett Partnership), about Berkshire Hathaway, about the man.

Chapter Two.  How Warren Buffett got educated. The influence of Benjamin Graham, Philip Fisher, Charlie Munger and oters.

Chapter Three. Twelve immutable tenets. Business, management, financial, market tenets, plus others.  And how to evaluate the long-term benefits of a share price.

Chapter Four. Nine case studies including GEICO Corporation, The Coca-Cola Company, Wells Fargo & Company, H.J. Heinz, and American Express. Discover what all these companies had in common?

Chapter Five. The mathematics of investing.

Chapter Six. The psychology of investing and why it matters.

Chapter Seven.  A quality that Warren Buffett has got plenty of - patience.

Chapteer Eight.  More qualities of the World's Greatest Investor. Such as: his private life, what gives him an advantage, how to learn and think like him.

"About 'The Warren Buffett Way' Website"

Yes, there really is a website: www.TheWarrenBuffettWay.com

And you can gain access to:

  • An interacive tool whereby you can value any stock
  • The up-to-date stock holdings of Berkshire Hathaway
  • A discussion forum and news re: Warren Buffett
  • A biography of Warren Buffett, his famous quotes, and much more
  • Other products related to Warren Buffett such as videos, and other books

Stop by and browse around, you'll be surprised at what you'll find.

"The Book and Other Related Resources"

The Warren Buffett Way by Robert G. Hagstrom

In this book the author wonders why, with so much information about the techniques of Warren Buffett available, do so many investors fail to emulate him.

Robert Hagstrom attempts to point out reasons why Warren Buffett is super-rich and everyone who attempts to copy him do not come close.

In the introduction Howard Marks cites several reasons why Buffett is "different."  A couple of these reasons are that Buffett is unemotional, contrarian, and extremely patient.

The book details 9 case studies of Buffett's prior investments.  Another chapter details 12 immutable tenets, and another chapter defines the man himself.  A whole chapter is dedicated to how he was educated ranging from his early association with Benjamin Graham and Philip Fisher to his partnership with Charlie Munger.

At just short of 300 pages in length click below to reserve your copy:

The Warren Buffett Way


We wouldn't be without this resource sat on our bookshelf.

Of course, it doesn't just sit there.  It is a book that is oftern referred to.

Here's some real common sense advice for you.  If Warren Buffett has made a $90 Billion fortune, and still counting, does it not make sense to take notice of what his tactics are?

Did you answer: yes, or yes?

O.K.  We agree.  He's got something really special, maybe something that us mere mortals can only dream of. But if only 20% of his wisdom was to rub off on us, that's got be worth it.

Why then do so many "investors" ignore his approach and shoot for the magic silver bullets?

We know, it beats us as well.

Everybodt seems to want that instant gratification.  They seem to pulled into believing that if Mr. GRQ can make ten fold gains using his "system"then they can do the same.

Gamble if you want to, but it's best left to horse racing enthusiasts, but not with your retirement savings.

Warren Buffett has shown us all the way.  Why would we not follow?

Yes, it's a long term view.  But so is saving for your retirement.

Emulate Warren Buffett with 90% of your portfolio and if you are really switched on, make that 100%.

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