"The Share Centre SIPP"


The Share Centre was founded by Gavin Oldham in 1990 with the intent of providing a value-for-money self-select share facility for private investors. 

The company joined the AIM market in 2008 having being 4 times over-subscribed.  The company has made numerous acquisitions over the years and has well in excess of £5 billion under management and in excess of 270,000 clients.

The company works in partnership with Curtus Banks as a pension provider.  All applications are dealt with by them but once set up, all dealing is done through The Share Centre.

In 2000 the company set up a holding company, Sharemark which was its own trading platform.

The Share Centre is based in Aylesbury, Bucks.

"The Share Centre Products"

The Share Centre SIPP is not the only product on offer from the company.

The company provides:

  • buying and selling of investments through its own dealing platform
  • tax efficient ISAs
  • investment club accounts
  • self invested pension plans (SIPPs)
  • research team which provides information on sectors, individual shares and funds
  • estate administration
  • probate services

"Mobile App by The Share Centre"

The Share Centre SIPP does have its own mobile app for traders on the move.

As you would expect from a half decent mobile app you can:

  • buy and sell a wide range of shares and funds
  • Set limits and stop losses
  • pay money in to your account
  • check balances
  • keep track of all your share holdings
  • view The Share Centre's research findings

"The Share Centre SIPP Charges"

At first glance, The Share Centre SIPP charges look a tad on the expensive side. 

So we urge you to make sure you do your due diligence before making any commitment.

Here are our comparisons, done to our usual format:

Shares, trusts, Exchange Traded Funds:  Standard dealing - 1% (£7.50 min)
dealing done online                                         Frequent dealing - £7.50

Dividend re-investment:  0.5% per transaction

Initiating Drawdown:  £234

Regular income payments:  Free

Uncrystallised funds pension:  £270 (as 2nd payment event in a year)
lump sum (per payment)

Annuity purchase:  £210

Transfer out (cash):  £120

Transfer out (stock):  £120 plus £25 per dealing account

And we repeat, you must do your own due diligence before taking the plunge.


The Share Centre SIPP has a very robust trading platform in Sharemark which makes it extremely user-friendly.

The company is a pioneer in value-for-money self investing having first started in the early 1990s

The company has won several awards for its products which are first class. 

The company has grown by making several acquiitions, probably most notably, the certified share dealing services of Barclay Stockbrokers in 2015.

The Share Centre is a privately held company and will probably grow some more by taking on more acquisitions.

The company website can be found on:


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