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Simple Retirement CalculatorSimple Retirement Calculator

We have had our own Simple Retirement Calculator designed to give you a broad idea of how much money you could retire with - having input such variables as your age now, your age when you want to retire, how much you wish to put by each month, and what percentage  growth you might expect annually.

Change the criteria.  Play around a little.  The figures you see might astonish you. 

"Here's an Example of What Pension
You Could Retire With"

Our Simple Retirement Calculator is only meant to be a quick guide - but it's a good rough guide.

A rough guide that gives you an idea of what size of pot you'll need, come the big day - however far that may seem away right now.

Trust us, retirement just creeps up on you. (Well it did on us, we were having such a good life, retiring always seemed so far away).

Our whole website is about investing wisely for your retirement by investing in a DIY Pension.  And wisely means, the right kind of investments and over a long period.  Our website will explain fully what all these are.

History has proved, over and over again, that this is the right strategy.  And Warren Buffett agrees.  Who'd argue with him?

So ... enter your age now into the 'Simple Retirement Calculator' below.  And then your expected retirement age.  If you're young now, say 30ish, you might think you'll be able to retire at 55 or latest 60. 

Well, trust us again on this.  You might get a shock.  If you want a long and eventful retirement, early retirement will not come cheap. 

You might well find that early 60s or even 65 is the best age for you to hang up your boots but we think you'd need upwards of £1 million to make that a reality.

Play around with those figures to get a feel for what your total DIY Pension might be come that age.

Next, what can you afford to salt away?

Basic rate taxpayers at the current rate (2020) need to put in £80 of their own money to get £100 credited to their DIY Pension.  Higher rate taxpayers need only put in £60 to have £100 credited. And pro rata up to a limit (£40K annually).

On the calculator, enter £100 for the monthly contribution, choose a growth rate, and hit the calculate button. 

"Our Simple Retirement Calculator"

My Projected Pension Pot
Retirement Detailed Plan
Current fund Amount:
Total fund Amount:
Monthly contribution:
Age to reach your goal:60
Fund Values for the Next Years
YearTotal Monthly ContributionTotal Fund Value

"Vary the Average Growth Rate and
Calculate the Final Figure"

For example, for someone aged 30 expecting to retire at 65, and wishing to invest £100 per month (remember, for a basic rate taxpayer this is £80 of your money and £20 added by the government).

If an expected annual rate of return of only 3.5% was made (on average) that pension value would have grown to over £80,000.

Not bad.

From age 30 to 65 is 420 months, meaning a total contribution of £42,000.  So at an average annual growth rate of 3.5% this investor would have almost doubled his/her money.

But, 3.5% would be well below average.  A more likely growth rate would be 8-10%.  (Warren Buffett achieves 28% - but we're not Warren Buffett).

At an average annual growth rate of 8% the fund value would be a much better: £206,000+ . An almost 5 fold increase.

And at 10% average annual growth the pension would have grown to: £325,000+  Almost an 8 fold increase. 

Would you like over 300 grand, with 25% of it tax free, for salting away a measly £80 of your take home pay each month?

We bet you would.

Just imagine what you could do with it all. 

And what if you already had a lump sum to start with, or if you were already in a company pension, or if you put away more than that £80, or if your average annual return was better than 10%? 

You could only dream of that kind of a windfall.

But it's not a dream.  It's a reality.

The sooner you start, the better that figure is going to be.


Our Simple Retirement Calculator is a tool for you to play around with - try not to break it :) 

Enter in whatever figures you like and plan a few "what if" scenarios. 

No matter what age you are now, even in your sixties, it's not too late to start investing in your DIY Pension.

But it's clear, the younger you start the more beneficial it is.

And the more you can put away the greater will be your 'Pension Pot' at the end.

And the better average annual return you can make will give you that exponential growth.  And that, you'll get by studying everything on our website.

All you need is discipline and patience. And lots of it.

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