"Richard Ney Became a Strong Critic of Wall Street But Did Accurately Predict The Market Crash of 1962"

"Ex-Hollywood Star and Economics Graduate He Later Became A Financial Advisor And Newsletter Editor"


Richard Maximillian Ney was born in New York 1916 and passed away in Pasadena, California in 2004 - aged 87.

In his life he starred as an actor, an author and investment guru.

Ney's most remembered part as an actor was in the 1942 Oscar-winning  "Mrs. Miniver."

He made three Broadway appearances in the 1958 musical "Portofino" of which he produced and wrote the book and lyrics. 

Ney graduated from Columbia University and by the mid 1960s he had built up a reputation as an investment advisor and as well as being a stockbroker he published a bi-weekly newsletter called 'The Ney Report'

He went on to author three somewhat controversial books - his 'The Wall Street Jungle' was a best-seller in 1970.

Ney married four times but he was best remembered for his marriage to actress Greer Garson which only lasted four years.

"Richard Ney's Claims To Fame"

Despite graduating from Columbia University with an economics degree Ney got himself attracted to stage and film.

His biggest part being cast as Greer Garson's eldest son in the Oscar-winning film Mrs. Minerva (1942) who he later went on to marry despite her beig 10 years his senior.

But in 1947 the marriage ended acrimoniously with Ney being critical about her age.  It was his acting downfall, as Garson was well-liked in the film industry and Ney never got another major part in anything.

After putting his acting career to bed, he became a prominent Stock Market analyst and finanical consultant.

In 1962 Ney gained fame Nationwide for accurately predicting the Stock Market crash of that year. 

He went on to write several books, all onthe subject of Wall Street, and how the Specialists cornered the marketplace.

He became a frequent guest on talk-shows and was often seen as giving talks about financial advice.

He drove around in a Rolls Royce just to demonstrate that he believed in capitalism.

His most famous quote was: "I became an investment advisor so people would leave me alone"

"Books By Richard Ney"

His first book: "The Wall Street Jungle" was published in 1970 and was on the New York Times best-seller list for almost a year. But it was controversial ecause of his highly critical stance towards Wall Street

The Wall Street Jungle by Rchard Ney

Click the link below to get your copy:

The Wall Street Jungle

Making It In The Market by Richard Ney

Hit the link below to be able to access a copy of this book:

Making it in the market

The Wall Street Gang by Richard Ney

You can get access to this book by clicking the link below:

The Wall Street gang


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