"Master The Markets Explains
Clearly and Concisely
How The Stock Market Really Works"

"Former Syndicate Trader Tom Williams Explains How Volume and Price Spread Work Together Enabling You,
the Investor, to Profit"


Tom Williams author of Master The Markets and other works, was a former syndicate trader in California.

Tom was the founder of Volume Spread Analysis (VSA) which was the original software designed by Tom himself to help investors understand and trade the markets.

Sadly Tom passed away in 2016.  But he leaves a lasting legacy.  We had first hand experience of Tom and can say for sure that his publication Master The Markets explains how the Stock Market really works.

You would do yourself a dis-service if you didn't consume Tom's work. 

"The Contents of Master The Markets"

Master The Markets is a masterpiece. Here's sneak peek.

It is divided into 5 sections:

Section 1: Market Basics

Some of the topics

  • Market professionals
  • A special word about market makers
  • Volume - the key to the truth
  • Accumulation and Distribution
  • The Basics of market reading
  • Tests
  • Upthrusts
  • Manipulation of the markets

Section 2: Trends and Volume Spread Analysis

Some of the topics

  • Bottoms and Tops
  • Introducing trend clusters
  • Pushing through supply

Section 3: The Anatomy of Bull and Bear Markets

Some of the topics

  • What starts a Bull Market?
  • From Bull to Bear Markets
  • How to recognise a market bottom
  • The shake-out
  • Stopping volume

Section 4: Becoming a Trader or Investor

Some of the topics

  • Beware of newsYou need a system
  • Trading hints and tips
  • What are the main signs of weakness?

Section 5: The Tradeguider system

Some of the topics

  • Features list
  • Data provision
  • Do not ignore these trading facts

The above is a sample of what is contained in the book. 

Unless you are an extremely experienced trader, it is doubtful you will have seen most of what is written here. 

Quite simply, it is an eye opener.

"Grab Tom Williams' Book
and Devour its Contents"

Master The Markets by Tom Williams

In this work, Tom Williams explains in plain English just how the markets work. 

He starts with explaining the basics and then moves on describe in detail what Volume Spread Analysis is, then he moves on to disect Bull and Bear Markets - how they form, how they end, how to recognise markets tops, market bottoms, etc.

He leaves no stone unturned.  He delivers on every aspect of stock trading and how the market makers try to trick you, how the markets can be manipulated by the professionals, and offers many, many hints and tips.

Click the link below to be sure of a copy:

Master the Markets


Master The Markets is a special publications.

In all our trading and studying the markets we have never come across a work as factual as this one.  It's so very, very different.

Sure, we may be a little biased because we got to  know Tom but this book if used along with the Tradeguider software can make you into a damn good investor.

Of course, it's not a given.  You have to understand fully how the markets work, and the software if you were to use it, is not some "green light" or "pushutton" certainty.  You have to understand hat is going on.

But just by having the book and understanding the contects will make you a very good investor indeed.  It's all logical.  You might say: commonsensical.

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