"The Halifax Share Dealing SIPP
Has a Fantastic Brand and Offices
On Most High Streets in the UK"

"Halifax Share Dealing Also Have
a Good Range of Products"


The company was set up when the Halifax Bank went public in 1997.  Initially it was intended as a means to service the 7.5 million Halifax customers who owned shares in the new public company.

The company later expanded it to offering self select stocks and shares, ISAs, and a Self Invested Pension Plan (SIPP).

Halifax Share Dealing has in excess of one million customers and a well-known brand.

The Halifax Share Dealing SIPP is provided by A.J. Bell.

Halifax Share Dealing Products

Halifax Share Dealing, as you would expect for a national company, has a good range of products for the private investor.  Below are listed the major ones:

The Halifax Share Dealing (SIPP)   This is the product you will require as far as this website goes.

Stocks and Shares ISA  You can invest up to £20,000 per tax year without paying capital gains tax or income tax.  Commissions are only £12.50 ad an account costs just £12.50 per year.

Share Dealing Account A good instrument if you have already used up your ISA allowance

Sharebuilder  If you want to build up a portfolio of shares using a regular monthly payment, this instrument could be a good one for you.

You can call into any of the Halifax branches on your high street (if there still is one) and talk to them about any of the above products.  They will even get you started with your SIPP. Halifax could be the easy option for you if you are just starting out.

But ... as ever, keep an eye on their charges.

"Mobile App by Halifax Share Dealing"

Halifax Share Dealing do offer a mobile app.  The company claim that traders can buy and sell shares in real time and get instant updates o how their stocks are doing. 

Accounts can be funded from the phone appwhich ensures that investors can trade at all times without the fear of running low on resources at a crucial moment.

Halifax Share Dealing SIPP Charges

Halifax Share Dealing SIPP charges are as follows:

Share, trust, ETF dealing:  £12.50 per trade
done online

Dividend re-investment:  2% (max £12.50)

Admin charges:  a quarterly charge of £22.50 if value of Fund £50,000 or less, and £45 if Fund value greater thn £50,000

Starting drawdown:  £180 per year

Regular income payments:  Free

Uncrystallised funds pension:  £48
lump sum (per payment)

Annuity purchase:  n/a

Transfer out (cash):  £90

Transfer out (stocks):  £90 + £25 per investment (max £215) 


Halifax Share Dealling has a strong brand that you trust and they have a lot of information to help people make the right investment choices.

The brand is attractive and Halifax have branches in most towns and cities. That is a feature we regard as a big plus point.

The fact that the Halifax Share Dealing pension is provided by A.J. Bell does not put us off.  We regard AJ Bell as a good, solid company. As indeed, are The Halifax.

Your choice is probably going to be down to their charges.  Study their offers well.

The company website can be found on:  www.Halifax.co.uk

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