"Our Disclaimer"

A very warm hello, fellow Retirement Investor,


If you want to uncover a simple, common sense approach to investing for a richer, earlier retirement, then please read this disclaimer carefully.

“The Common Sense Retirement Investing” website is an “information only” website.

The website is not, and never was intended to be, a medium for share or investment recommendations.

It is basically a website for information about various trading techniques, strategies, methods and information about tools used to get the best out of such strategies and techniques. Techniques that can be applied to the betterment of your DIY Pension.

A website that does recommend you to buy (or sell) something is generally regulated by the Financial Services Authority.  This is not one such website.  

We are novices.  Amateurs if you like.  We are not trained to give investment advice.

We cannot, and will not, give individual advice.  The only advice we could give would be to answer general market related questions and not to give opinions of whether this market, or that company share, is a buy or a sell.

Any reader of our website should always do their own due diligence and on the basis of that, make their own buying and selling decisions. 

It is not our intent for you, the reader, to blindly follow what we do but if, as a result of doing so, you lose money, then that is your fault and not ours.

The intent of this website is always to give you, the reader, enough information in order that you can understand what you are doing before you get your feet wet in the marketplace.

In short, the website is not a “tip-sheet” but an information site.

There may be other products on this website that are intended for your information and further education, but there will never be any pressure for you to purchase any of these type of products. They will generally be tools to enable you to trade as we do. For the most part, they will be what we use. We make no apologies for stating that we may receive small commissions from some of these products.

“Common Sense Retirement Investing” has taken every care to ensure that the factual information on this website is accurate but there is no guarantee to such accuracy.

We thank you for visiting the website and sincerely hope that, with the information and on-going content within, you are in a better position than most to make informed decisions and grow your Pension Pot accordingly – just like we have.


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