"The Close Brothers SIPP is an
Extremely Competitively Priced Product"

"Close Brothers Are a Well-Respected Financial Company That Offer
Good Customer Support"


Close Brothers was founded in 1878 in the United States by William Brooks Close and his brothers Fred and James. Initiall providing mortgages for farmers in the mid-west.

It was first listed in the United Kingdom in 1984.  In the 1980s and 90s it grew through acquisitions of a large number of specialist businesses.  The takeovers included Winterflood Securities, a leading market make in the UK,  in 1993.

Close Brothers are a constituent of the FTSE 250 Index.

The company has 10 offices over the UK, employs over 100 financial advisors and has over £12 billion under management.

The company has many different divisions, the Close Brothers Self Directed Service is part of the Close Brothers Asset Management group. 

"Close Brothers Products"

Close Brothers SIPP is managed by Close Brothers Asset Management Self Directed Service.

Close Brothers' divisions include:

  • Merchant banking
  • Securities
  • Wealth management

Specific products related to private investors include:

  • Stocks and Shares ISAs
  • Investment accounts
  • Self Invested Personal Pensions (SIPPs)

The Close Brothers SIPP is extremely price competitive product (see comparions below).

"Mobile App by Close Brothers"

We couldn't find any information pertaining to a mobile traading app.

As with some other platforms, they probbly do have a mobile app but we just couldn't find it. 

For investors wishing to invest with the Close Brothers SIPP, we would confirm the existence of a mobile app (amongst other criteria) before commiting.

"Close Brothers SIPP Charges"

Close Brothers SIPP charges are quite competitive.  For investors that wish to trade frequently, there is a flat fee of only £8.95 per trade and maybe lower.

Our general comparion list below gives the investor a rough guide relative to other platforms. But, as always, you need to do your own due diligence and consider all factors when choosing a suitable SIPP provider.

Here are our comparions:

Share, Trust, and ETF dealing: 
£8.95 max

done online

Dividend re-investment:  Free

Initiating Drawdown:  £60

Regular income payments:  £60

Uncrystallised funds pension:  £60
lump sum (per payment)

Annuity purchase:  2% or 3% dependent on type

Transfer out (cash):  Free

Transfer out (stock):  Free

Don't forget - do your due diligence.


Close Brothers are a very well respected company within the finance industry.

Information on the Close Brothers SIPP was not easy to find, but it does exist. 

The company SIPP charges look very competitive and Close Brothers being who they are, well respected city bankers their Asset Management arm will be a professional organisation.

If confirmation of a mobile app can be found, then the Close Brother SIPP could be well worth looking into.

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