Chris and Clem Meet Up #16

"Chris and Clem Meet Up
- Friday Night 5th. March 2021"

"Chris and Clem's Story So Far ..."

 "Chris a young engineer and Clem an "old" hand meet up regularly (every two/three weeks) for a few beers and a chat - mostly about Chris' retirement savings.

Chris' late Dad was a good friend of Clem's - that's how the two came to know each other.

These regular meetings started purely by chance.  Chris just happened to mention that he was living beyond his means and his financial prospects did not look good.

Clem knew exactly what the solution was for Chris and set about giving Chris some sound advice.  Clem was not a financial advisor but had spent a lot of time amongst people that were financial experts.  He wanted to share his knowledge with Chris.

This is the 16th. article in that series.

The story continues ...

"Chris and Clem Pool Their Thoughts"

 "I'm getting very impatient with this lockdown palava" said Chris.

"Here we are again talking in virtual mode.  It's just not the same.  And ... of course, I miss my one or three beers."

"That's because you're young" retorted Clem. "This lockdown business does not affect me too much.  Yes, it'll be fantastic when all the restrictions are lifted, but for now, we have to grin and bear it."

"You're right" said Chris It must be an age thing.  Us young 'uns want to out there enjoying ourselves."

"Of course" Clem inter-jected "but look at the positives.  All the stats are pointing to this pandemic being conquered.  Even the new strains are taken care of, at least for now, by the vaccines already available.  Long may it continue.  What I find really encourageing is that most of the stats are halving week by week."

"Yes" replied Chris "I just wish they would be a little more lenient with lifting restrictions.  But then I suppose they would be criticised.  Damned if they do, and damned if they don't.

"I just wish all politicians would sing from the same hymn sheet.  If this were a war, the government would be fighting two enemies. 

"Anyways, as this meeting will be brief, I'll give you a very short summary of how my portfolio has been performing.

"Surprisingly well, given all the turmoil going on.  Some star performers and a couple of disappointments.  But, as I, indeed we, keep saying: 'we're in this for the long haul.'  Below I will summarise the progress of both my portfolio and my watchlist."

"Chris' Own Share Selections"

Chris was the first to speak: "Clem, I can't believe given all the uncertainty at the moment that the value of my holdings has actually gone up.  I'm pleassed that I have a couple of star performers, a few just 'holding their own' and a couple of disappointments."

"Ah," said Clem "It's the way life is.  At least you're showing a healthy profit.  How would you feel if your portfolio had bombed?"

"Pretty sick" replied Chris.  "Have I just been lucky or have I actually done something right?"

"A little bit of both.  I remember when you first started your SIPP - not that long ago - and you picked good companies but not through any research - you just knew, by instinct, that they were good companies. And of course, since then, you've studied the ways of Warren Buffett and your more recent acquisitions have had some science behind them.

"In fact, you've picked up the basics very quickly.  But don't think, even for one minute, that that's the end of it.  You will alway learn new things.  I've been in this business for decades and I'm still learning new things.

"You deserve your success, and I hope many more years of it.  Right, enough flannel, what you got to say for yourself?"

"I am reasonably happy with my portfolio - but ...

"It could have, and should have, been a lot more.

"I stuttered when I was going to buy.  But, I stuck to my principles and only invested in companies that fit my criteria. I couldso easily have chosen speculative, bombed out shares"

"That's discipline" said Clem. 

"Yeah," replied Chris, "long term it will serve me well, I'm sure.

"Take a look at my portfolio.  At first glance, it looks impressive. 

"Nearly 9 grand profit in less than 7 months - even Warren Buffett would be impressed with that return"

"Yes he would" agreed Clem.  "You have done exceptionally well despite my constant chastening."

"I'm so pleased you are impressed.  I must admit - I am a little surprised, but you know what?"

"What?" asked Clem

"There are a couple of under-performers in there and once they come good, which they will, I expect even better things.

"I'm talking about Morrisons in particular.  They just got booted out of the Footsie 100 for their under-performance.  A shame really, because they are the fastest growing super-market chain of the so-called 'Big Four.'  They'll be back.

"I'm super-confident of their tie up with Amazon. I see only good things happening there.

"And there is GSK.  Not so much a disappointment, more a restructure of the company and my timing might have waited.  Typical of my impatience.  Well, I've got them now and I will round up my holding to 1000 shares first chance I get.  I don't like holding odd numbers.

"Finally, I can't help but be over-the-moon with ITV.  Almost a 100% return.  I still think they have further to go. 

"And Countryside Property has performed spectacularly.  Should have bought more of them.

"I see Lloyds Bank hitting 60p despite their lofty rating.

"Aviva has sold a lot of its overseas companies to concentrate on the UK and a smaller global market.  The market obviously liked it - the shares have progressed well.

"Sadly - my watchlist has more than a few companies I'd like to invest in but, I have no funds left in the kitty.  But starting next month I will be saving £1,000 per month. Alternatively, I may, reluctantly, take some profits on my present holdings.

"My total portfolio is approaching £40K which I think is great for a SIPP not yet a year old.

"Long may it continue"

"Yep.  Some progress you've made Chris" said Clem. "But don't get carried away, and I know you won't.  You have still a heck of a lot to learn."

"Chris and Clem's Next Meet Up"

 "Let's meet up again in another 3 weeks'" said Clem.

"Yeah, that's OK with me.  I'm real busy at work and expect that to continue.

"That'll be the 26th. March" Chris checked on his iPhone.  "as ever, I'll look forward to that.  Let's hope we can get back to our favourite watering hole soon, instead of this behind a screen nonsense"

"Aye" replied Clem.

Disclaimer:  Any individual shares discussed on this website are NOT recommendations.  They may, however, be the actual portfolio of the writer.

This website is not authorised to give financial advice of any kind.

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