"The Charles Stanley Direct SIPP is Technologically Well-Advanced and Could Appeal To The Younger Investor"


Charles Stanley is a UK investment management company that has origins in Sheffield going back as far as 1792. 

But it grew fast and by the 1830s moved its operations to London. It was one of the first to be listed on the London Stock Exchange in 1852. 

The group has around £25 billion of investments under management (as of 2019)

The Charles Stanley Direct service was launched in 2013 and the group is a significant provider of Self Invested Pension Plans (SIPPs)

"Charles Stanley Direct Products"

The Charles Stanley Direct SIPP is what this website is mainly about but the company also offers 4 core services:

  • wealth management
  • financial planning
  • execution only platform
  • asset managementoff

For the private investor the company have on offer:

  • stocks and shares ISAs
  • general investment accounts
  • pension accounts (which includes SIPPs)
  • junior ISAs
  • designated accounts

They call these their 'Investment Choice Products'.

Charles Stanley Direct also distribute a free quarterly newsletter, free to all their clients.

"Mobile App by Charles Stanley Direct"

The Charles Stanley Direct App was introduced in 2017 and has proved extremely popular.  The company states that its new app is accessed most at peak commuting times, lunchtime, and evenings. Which goes to show, how most people are using them.

For security, the app offers both face and fingerprint access. 

The company is investing heavily in technology, such as in car accessibility and "Alexa" connectivity.

"Charles Stanley Direct SIPP Charges"

The Charles Stanley Direct SIPP charges are competitive.  As with all the other SIIPP providers on this website we have listed their charges in the same format as we have done for all the others.  That way you should be able to compare them more easily.

But as always, you must do your due diligence.

Initiate Drawdown: £180

Regular income payments:  £60

Uncrystallised funds penion:  £30
lump sum (per Payment)

Annuity purchase:  N/A

Transfer out (cash):  £150

Transfer out (stock):  £150 & £10 per holding


The Charles Stanley Direct SIPP has everything, but so do most of the other SIPP providers you'll find on this website.  Even so, we are impressed with the advanced technology they are investing so much into.

We like the idea of our cars being able to tell us what is happening to our investments.  And also the idea of "Alexa" informingus of the state of our investments.

What an exciting world the younger generation have to look forward to.

Having praised Charles Stanley Direct for its technological progress, we are not too impressed by their charges.  To be fair, we have had no experience with the Charles Stanley Direct SIPP but our comparison of charges appears a tad on the expensive side, compared to some of the others SIPP providers. 

But, they appear to be an excellent SIPP provider and should be equally considered when doing your due diligence.

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