"Your Bucket List Should Contain Everything That You've Alway Wanted
To Do. Big and Small"

"Get That List Compiled Before
You Live To Regret It"


  • Create your own Bucket List well before you're retired, or getting ready to retire

  • Start to dream a little - make it a goal

  • Dream about the things you've always wanted to do, but never had the time (or the means)

  • Now, hopefully, you've got both the time and the resources.

"Start That Bucket List Right Now"

It's never too soon to start your Bucket List. 

You've gotta have a dream. 

We all spend our lives thinking of others. 

It's not selfish to think of yourself in between.  In fact, at some point, it will come down to you and your closest.

We had the good fortune to work in many places around the globe during our career.  Maybe it's that which gave us our "itchy" feet. 

But it's not just about travelling, although that is a large part (finance wise) of anyone's Bucket List.

Our Bucket List comprises of places to see, but it also comprises of things to do.

Some of those things cost money.  Some of them cost nothing at all. It's a balance.

So what does a Bucket List look like?  No two persons' Bucket List will look the same .  Some will be long.  Some short.  Some expensive.  Some el-cheapo. It doesn't matter.

But ... to not have a Bucket List leaves an empty hole. We can't imagine that if you are on this website you are the type to not want to stay active after you hang up your boots.

How old are you right now?  In your 20s?  30s? 40s? 50+?

Start penning together a Bucket List of your own.

"So, What Does a Bucket List Look Like?"

Our Bucket List is not just a long list of things we want to accomplish. It's a list broken down into:

  • Things to do:

    activities - keep fit, etc.
    any business ideas

  • Places to go:

    places of interest

We'll not bore you with our full list.  After all, it is only of interest to us. 

But do formulate your own list.  Who knows, you may visit some place on earth and think it's paradise and you want to re-locate there.  Why not?  Stranger things have happened.


As you can see, for the most part, we do not intend to be idle.  In fact, we've been past retirement age for some time now and we show only feww signs of slowing up.

Sure, we've had the odd health problem along the way.  Touch wood - no life threatening diseases. 

We've survived.  One factor in our surviving may be our glass is always half-full (as ooposed to half-empty).  We believe in being optimistic.  What's the point in being negative?

So that's a good starting point - always look on the bright side of life (we know a song about that).

Be active.  It doesn't do anybody any good lounging around.  Sure, rest at the end of a hard day.  But enjoy that day first.  Laziness is a bad habit.  If you've got it - get rid, quick.

Get yourself a notebook and beging your Bucket List.  Add to it as time goes on.  And if you don't like travelling, there are lots of places accessible without jumping on an aeroplane.

The message is clear for everyone - Keep active. Stay healthy. Enjoy life.

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