"Allison Hardy, a.k.a.
Common Sense
Retirement Investor"


My name’s Allison Hardy.   I’m an 80-something retiree. 

I know already what you’re thinking - I’m a gal.  But I’m not, I’m a fella. 

Remember that Johnny Cash song:  A Boy Named Sue?  Great song, but I came along way before that. 

My parents had a good sense of humour!

My good friends call me Al, and so can you.

But let me tell you a little about myself.

I was born in the USA and spent my first 20 and a bit years there.  My early life was, er, chequered. But that’s another story. In the late 1950s myself, my sister, and my Dad left the US and we “emigrated” to the UK.

I’d gotten interested in the Stock Market before I left the States and “dabbled” a bit (and quite successfully) but I’m the first to admit that I am a self-taught investor.

But don’t let that fool you.  I’ve been around the investing world since the 1950s.

I remember well the great Bear Market of the early 70s, the 1987 crash and more recently the dot com bubble and the Bear Market of 2007-9.

"You Must Set Up Your Own
DIY Pension"

I’ve read extensively around the subject of Stock Trading.  Taking in all the works of the so-called 'Stock Trading Legends' and a few more besides.  Some works I’ve read several times over.  Why?  Because partly I didn’t fully grasp them in a first reading and partly because they were so good.

What I’m attempting to do with this website is pass on some of my trading experiences but with a particular regard to bolstering your Pension Pot.  Because if you get to my age and haven’t got enough moolah – you’re in the deep stuff.

I read, and I’m sure you do as well, almost daily in the papers about how savers have been mis-treat over their Pensions.

"Pensions slashed
as annuities shrink
to an all-time low"

It angers me.  I’m so glad I never let anyone manage my money.

I never cease to be amazed at how Pension companies and “Financial Advisors” can be so awkward with money that doesn’t belong to them. 

You work hard all your life – you should have something to show for it.  Not give it away to some fee-happy yuppie.

What I encourage on our website is that you MUST set up a separate private Pension Plan (a DIY Pension), independent of anything else that you may have. 

And if you don’t have anything at all, well, what more can I say? (you probably wouldn't be reading this, would you?)

The whole theme of our website is that you should be in control of your own Pension Pot.  One hundred percent.

I know most people think that so-called “experts” know best. Fact is, they don’t really know any more than you do.  And they certainly don’t care as much as you do.  Bloody hell.  It’s your money. 

Sure, there can be a learning curve, but it’s not that steep and our website guides you every step of the way.

But I’m getting a little off course.

This page is supposed to be about me, and my team, and what our website can do for you.

As I said previously, I’ve been investing since the 1950s which I will admit, has been with mixed fortunes. 

I was never, even remotely, connected with the financial sector in my career.  Everything I’ve learned about Stock Trading, really has been self-taught. I must have had dozens of stockbrokers over the years, in the days before the internet.

Wow, they must have made quite a killing with the commissions they've charged me.

But, times have changed.

Commissions on trades now are mostly flat fee, as opposed to a percentage of the total consideration.

I started my first 'Self Invested Pension Plan' (SIPP) in the early 1990s and have juggled with several since then.  So I know what’s good and what’s not so good.

On our website I will ONLY talk about the good.  The bad and the ugly I’ll leave for others to talk about.

I’ve now been “retired” for a few years and enjoy the fruits of my several Pension Plans. But …

…it could have been more.  A lot more.

As long ago when I was still in the U.S. a wise old man tried to put an old head on my young shoulders. Obviously, he failed.  I listened to him, but didn't ACT on his advice.  It must have gone in one ear and out of the other.

He was always going on about me putting something away for my old age. If only he'd explained it better.

If only I’d started sooner.  If only I hadn’t done this.  If only I hadn’t done that.

Yes, I’ve made mistakes – lots of ‘em.  But I think I’ve learned from them.

And the one single reason I set up this website is to point out those mistakes so you won’t fall into the same traps. 

And if you’re thinking: “I haven’t got time to learn about investing,” my answer to you would be: “O.K. stay as you are then.  Retire on a mediocre Pension.”

Or I could say:  “In it’s simplest form, you don’t really have to spend much time at it.”

And that would be true with a caviot – you may still outperform the experts but you won’t do as well as the next guy who spends say, a few hours a month learning the system.

You’ll notice as you get into our website, that I repeat myself quite a lot.  That’s because there’s an obvious overlap between topics and also because the topics being harped on about are important.  (It's also because I'm an old fart).

So, no apologies for that.  It's deliberate.

I work together with my partner of over 25 years.  We both have, or have had, Self Invested Pension Plans.  We also hire outside sources if there are tasks that we are not qualified to do.  For example, techie stuff to do with our website and other stuff that we can't, or don't want to do. 

Probably, the best section of our website to read first if you really are an absolute beginner, or someone who's kinda reluctant to dive in, is to look through all the Stock Trading FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).

Also take a shufty at 'Getting Started' you will find that in the Footer section.

You will get a good "feel" of what DIY Pensions are all about. And, more importantly, just how easy they are to set up, and manage.

I've also had designed a Pension Pot Calculator, where you can play around with some figures and "dream" a little on what might just be possible.

I know anything's possible. 

There is a lot of information on our website (and new stuff being added continuously), take your time and immerse yourself.

And to conclude this short intro about ourselves and our website –  may we sincerely wish you all that we wish ourselves.  And that wish, is a happy and enjoyable retirement, with the resources to make it all happen.

Retire happy and enjoy life.


Allison Hardy (and the team)

P.S.  I’ve even included a section on our website of how you can enjoy your new-found time. 
Look out for the Nav. Bar: "Retirement Planning Guide"

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